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Our picks are up more than 57% on average (2019), outperforming the S&P 500, NASDAQ and numerous Asian Indices during the same period. Join now to get access to our stocks and start building your market beating portfolio.
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What does PotStickers offer?

We lay down the best tech stock opportunities with supporting insights on where and how they will succeed in the market.
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Our Robust Profit Framework

The Poised to Boom Framework is built on 4 key pillars that define growth businesses.
Trading analysis, growing business

Growing Business

Earnings increasing is a sign of growing business. Our valuation model has factored in all the essential income metrics including Gross Income, EBITDA, Net Income and Free Cash Flow.
Trading analysis, sustainability


While the focus of the strategy is on growth, we never forget our downside risk. Debt Ratio, Liquidation Value, Return on Equity are amongst the key metrics that are considered.
Trading analysis, consumer growth

Consumer Growth

No company can survive without consumer growth in the long run. Whether it be the MAUs, ARPUs, or the AUMs. Growth can be seen everywhere, if you know what to look for.
Trading analysis, execution

Execution Markers

There are fundamental markers that can hint to us when it is a better time to be buying the stocks. Corporate activities follow a cyclical pattern, and even the best stocks are subject to these cyclical patterns.

What Our Subscribers Say

“Good research, straight forward analysis, I am making decent profits following the research.”
Aaron, Virginia, US
“This is a very comprehensive platform that allows me to learn about picking tech stocks in Asia.”
Erin, Colorado, US
“Excellent education materials, good and helpful team. I am satisfied with the product.”
Teddy, Melbourne, Australia

The Kitchen Team

A healthy mix of experienced investors cooking up unique perspectives for you.
Author, Master Chef
Master Chef
Author, Soul Food Chef
Soul Food Chef
Author, Salad Wizard
Salad Wizard

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Alibaba tech stock
Alibaba was fined 18.2 Billion Yuan on Saturday or roughly US$2.75 Billion; this amounts to 4% of 2020 Domestic Revenues or 12% of Net Profit. At first glance, this seems like a big amount, but…
late for tech stock
I remembered in 2015 when Tesla stock was $200 (pre-split: the way old foggies remember it or $40 for all the /r/wsb). I was excited about the potential of Tesla and Elon Musk, in no…
netflix tech stock

Netflix Inc. soared 14.2% in premarket trading on last Wednesday and closed the day with more than 16% spike in price after the announcement of their forth quarter earnings report. This would mark one of their…


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