About Us

We are a group of friends who have been investing for the past 3 decades. The reason we are starting this site is because family and friends keep asking to follow our stock investments. After repeating it a ton of times, we figured we just might have something to share with more people. 

Our ethos is that we share as much as we can for free, and charge a small fee on stuff that does take some time to put together.

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Technology & China

We don’t need to invest in many industries, only those that will change the world.

We believe that the next decade will be the acceleration phase for technology companies and china related companies.


The Kitchen Team

A healthy mix of experienced investors cooking up unique perspectives for you.

Author, Master Chef

Master Chef

Our Master Chef has been investing for the past two decades, as well a trainer for thousands of investors. He has learnt much about the process of learning education across the decades hand in hand with investors. At the same time, he has grown his portfolio across multiiple financial crisis.

Author, Soul Food Chef

Soul Food Chef

Soul Food Chef believes that investing is like food that warms the soul; food that your grand ma cooks. It does not have to be fancy, but it is familiar.

Likewise, he enjoys investing in industries that he knows, rather than be blindly trapped by ratios. This familiarity will give you the edge. Most people do not realise that they companies they engage with on a daily basis, provides great opportunities for them to invest in.

He has been trading actively the options markets in Australia and the US, in his early years. He moved on to Forex Trading and eventually a portfolio big enough to invest meaningfully in global stocks. He focuses on stocks he understands and these have done well for him across the decade.

Author, Salad Wizard

Salad Wizard

The deliciousness of a Salad is in the picking of the most compatible and fresh raw ingredients to both provide familiarity and yet a spark of excitement.

Salad Wizard does this with aplomb and magic. He has a Phd and a love for synthesising data into actionable investments. He invests in all things from property to stocks. Most importantly, he drives the data that creates the backbone of our offering. On these key data points we build the compelling vision that we gives us the confidence to invest.

Author, Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef is the technology product wizard that makes everything works on this website. He probably invests the least and thats why he works so hard on Potsticker. It is his way to learn and profit through investing, while helping others learn and profit.

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