Xiaomi’s (HKEX:1810) Hyper charging Battery Demo

AMC is clearly not the only hyper charging power source this week, since Xiaomi showed a demo of their 200W system that can fully charge a Xiaomi MI 11 Pro in just 8 minutes, or 15 minutes if you are a fancy wireless charger user.

I get excited when I see Xiaomi pushing the innovative boundaries, and it reminds me of their commitment to maintain only a 5% profit level on their hardware business. When we consider that Xiaomi products are very affordably priced for their feature and design comparables; then it gives us a sense of the managements intent.

The delivery of great products and great prices, and for these products to become the conduits for their home/ office ecosystem. A value proposition that is built on the app store / ecosystem concept has further longevity than a hardware manufacturer proposition where price cutting is the game (in general, excluding the Apple universe).

Take a look at their tweet and video here:

(c) Title picture copyright Xiaomi

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